Mindmapping FTW

Ok, a not 10 minute post on this blog. I haven’t got a blog up again for productivity stuff. Deal with it.

But since I now have worked out all the concepts for Codalong, I have brain capacity left for thinking about the new blog. I thought a bit about it and wanted to document it, so started writing on a paper, but then I remembered a post about mindmapping I’ve read some time ago.

Back then I thought, “Mindmapping, that’s for old people, not for me”. But today I just downloaded XMind, because I got it available in Setapp anyway and gave it a try, and BOOM it’s awesome. I have also setup a mindmap for Codalong, for stuff that I had in my mind but couldn’t really describe yet.

And that where I see the power, just for getting ideas out of your head and putting them somewhere. XMind also has this Idea screen where you just can write down things you have in mind without ordering them right now.

I will now try to incorporate them more into my life 👍 See you again in a 10 minutes blog 😉

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