Minimalism has hooked me

Instead of going on the nerves of my girlfriend all day long, I have decided to put my thoughts on my road to minimalism here on my blog.

I am into the idea of minimalism for a long time now, but haven’t done anything about it, because I loved my stuff. I moved to a new flat about a year ago and my new office was 9 square meters instead of 18. By only having half the size, I started to notice how many shit I own. That was like a punch in the face. All that money I spent on this things. And I never use them. Camera equipment, little gadgets, adapters, electronics, lenses, phone cases, hard drives, books and tons of other things.

At that moment I decided to take a deep dive into minimalism and the last two weeks I started taking action. I already have thrown out garbage bags, full of stuff I haven’t used in a while. My office has already improved by less stuff. But there I don’t want to stop. I won’t to apply minimal principles on more parts in my life. Digital, physical, health and many more things. And there is a ton to improve.

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