Minimalism on Your Phone

I‘ve already written a blog post about, how to turn down the noise you are experiencing from your phone, mainly by turning off all the notifications.

Today I want to focus more on the not so obvious part, how your phone can destroy your focus and attention.

Attention Based Industry

Most services and apps these days are designed to grab your attention, because that’s how they earn money. Facebook is basically selling your attention to ads. When you are on their app or website and seeing some ad they get money in exchange for that.

So it’s obvious that they want you to stay there as long as possible. You are being watched by all what you are doing there and they optimize their services, just to make you more and more addicted to their service.

By turning off notifications you did a great job, but that’s only half of it.

Fight your Addiction

Just answer this questions honestly; Do you know exactly which finger moves on the phone you need to do, to open Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Give it a try.

And that’s the issue. It is the same process that teaches you how to play a instrument or how to become good at a video game; muscle memory.

It is the same thing, when you actually should be learning but opening a new browser tab and entering netflix and pressing enter.

But luckily there is a way out of that, actually two ways.

The first is easy, but rigid, entirely delete that app that is sucking your attention. And keep it of your phone at least for 30 days. You can still check social media when you are on your laptop or computer, but with the intention to do it and not because you are bored.

The second is, bury it in some folder on your second screen, so basically make it harder to reach. If you are still checking social media every minute, go to approach number one.

You can define time slots for yourself when it‘s allowed to check social media and then you can batch up all of it, check Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for example.

Resist the Temptation

Another thing that can occur is not only the temptation to consume on your phone, also the intention to buy stuff, because it‘s only one click away.

Most of us probably have the Amazon apps on their phone and with services like Prime it is quite easy to get everything the next day. So we don‘t put a lot of thought into next purchase, because it‘s way to easy.

The temptation can be high, even if you don‘t get notified about stuff you could purchase. Something you of course always needed comes to your mind and instantly your are opening the shopping app and trying to find it.

Resist that temptation, if you really really need that stuff, you will still find it later. And you don‘t instantly need to buy it. So get rid of all your shopping apps on your phone. Be intentional with what you buy.


Take care of what apps you are giving space on your phone and I don‘t mean disk space. The things that you are carrying around on your phone all the time can help you a lot, but they can also be attention suckers.