Mission Unicorn Cake

21:53:58 – Ok, still in the week of total insanity. Today is cake time, Unicorn Cake Time.

So this post will be short again, sorry for that. Next week will be better 😜.

I had a quite productive day, the release was totally easy going. I haven’t had any issues and the deployment was out point 1 PM. That’s normal for you? Congratulations! 👍 I am working on a platform that has seen more coders than anything else and all of them had best practises, like You don’t want to win a beauty price for that code. What a bullshit!

When you look at the git stats, no coder has made any plus lines since the end of 2015. We all got minus lines, because we delete more code than we actually write, which is a good thing. The most times I can replace 100 lines of code, with less than 10, plus it works better and faster…

7 minutes over and only 160 words, maybe because my head is with the cake. It’s full of sugar, something I don’t like that much, but it will taste amazing. I am stoked how it will look 🤔. You will get a photo tomorrow 😆.

I prefer cooking over baking, that’s for sure. See you tomorrow! 👋

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