Motivate yourself through negative Experiences

Motivating yourself is not always easy, it can be really hard to get your ass of the couch sometimes.

While some people and some really awesome blogs (how shameless), try it with positive approaches, today I want to talk about the opposite. How to motivate yourself with negative experiences.

When you fail your routine

Since the second half of April, I have mostly cut off meat. Since then, I lost 11 kilograms, which is great. Not only that, I am just feeling more alive. I sleep better; I wake up easier; I am just more energetic. That is not only related to the meat I don’t eat, I also cut back on milk and wheat products.

One evening I didn’t want to cook something healthy or put out the salad and prepare it, so I eat a pizza, with chicken and bacon on it. I was quite hyped for the pizza, as I haven’t had such a meaty experience for weeks. The first bite was good, but to be honest, it sucked. My taste was now so used to fresh food of vegetables and fruits and nuts; my brain couldn’t handle the taste of this pizza full of chemicals to enhance the taste. It was awful and heavy.

The worst thing happened afterward. All those aspects that I told you above suddenly turned around. My stomach felt just filled, filled up with something heavy, I got sleepy in an instant. I really felt sick and tired an hour after I had this pizza.

After falling asleep for at least two hours I woke up totally annoyed and still not on the top of myself. I felt like shit.

After that I couldn’t help myself, I went out, into my car and drove to a supermarket and bought fresh vegetables, fresh bread without wheat and prepared myself something nice and tasty with an only fresh and natural taste. I quickly felt better because I knew that this is going to help.

Eating this crappy pizza and going through that evening, showed me, how important it is to eat healthy and avoid certain foods, like pre-made pizza out of the freezer.

By going though this one negative experience, I am very thoughtful, what I am putting into my body and what not.


Whenever we fail in life, we all do that, there are two ways to handle it:

  • cry like a little baby and search for excuses
  • accept the failure and see it as an opportunity to improve

As probably everybody else, I have made some mistakes in my life and also failed from time to time.

Of course I am analyzing what went wrong, but that’s it. I am not searching for an excuse or for somebody I can give the fault, I am using it as an opportunity to do better and improve upon that.

It’s gets even better

As we are humans, we tend to put more weight into negative experiences. So these are the things that stick in our minds.

Use them, they are easier to reflect your actions on, than a sunny summer Sunday with a ton of flowers in the park.

Trust me that pizza is present every day, when I want something unhealthy 😉