My iPhone X Home Screen

I am a sucker for other peoples workspaces or setups. And it is also very neat to see some people paying attention, to their home screens on their phone. You probably look a hundred times a day at it and it should empower you to use the right apps and not distract you too much. So let’s take a look at mine.

I have one screen and the structure is very simple; one folder for working stuff, one for distraction one for stuff I need on the go, and one called sift, where all the other trash goes to, which I don’t use enough.

Then it continues with 16 of the most frequent used apps, like Todoist, Audible, Pocket, Instagram and so on.

And in the Dock I have the most important apps to me. The phone app is still there, but probably not any longer ;).

I tried to keep the screen as clean as possible, also you see there is no wallpaper that could distract me and with the OLED screen it also saves battery live, since it hasen’t to power the black pixels.

A short word on my notifications; I have turned most of the down. Only a few apps are allowed to disturb me plus I have a DND schedule and only several people can reach me there anywas.

18 secs, here is muy lock screen, get the wallpapers from here.

See you tomorrow, have a nice day. 👍