My Social Media Addiction

My Social Media Addiction

Do you know how many hours of your life you have wasted watching YouTube or spent endlessly scrolling through Instagram (or any other social media app)? I have a good grasp. The answer is in most cases the same: too much.

Why we are doing this?

I don’t want to iterate on the cause here too much, I have already written an article about that called You are what you consume.

But let’s quickly revisit. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, are earning their money with us spending time on their platforms, basically through ads that we are seeing, so they are doing everything possible keeping us there as long as possible. You pick up your phone and open Facebook, they earn money. It’s that easy…

They are working with psychologists to iterate on why we are spending time there and optimize their apps to keep us there, be us through recommendations or popups or mysterious notifications that someone near you likes you. Bullshit.

Get outta this

As soon as I recognized, that I am addicted to this shit I knew I needed to change that. Get out of this. This can ruin your life. It’s the same as with TV or video games; social media can make you addicted.

It’s not even about notifications triggering you, it also starts with muscle memory;

  • STRG + T
  • type “fa” – autosuggestion does it’s jobs and completes to

That’s how quickly you end up on Facebook or any other social media platform that steals your time.

I needed cure

Ok, after recognizing I have a problem, I needed to fix that. I rapidly deleted everything on my phone that had to do with social media.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Nothing was safe. I got rid of every single app that bothered me to check it. In my browser, I installed Go Fucking Work, an extension that blocks a list of certain URLs and tells you very directly to fucking get back to work and reminds you of your time on earth or what winey person you are.

Cal Newport suggests 30 days off, which I didn’t stick to at all.

After about a week I started to add the bare minimum again, but also had hidden in in some folders on the third page.

For me it was fairly easy to get rid off that social media monster in my head, that always told me to check and check and check the apps. If it’s not so simple for you, I would suggest you read Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport to get some help.


If you are spending a huge amount of your day on social media platforms, think about if it’s really on fun or if you are having a serious problem.

There is help. You just need to take it. Life is spent better than on social media.