NaNoWriMo 2019 Warmup

Good Morning, 05:56 here, I am ready to go, but first I want to sit down and tell you what I have done. I want to tell you about my commitment.

Last week I have decided to take on these years NaNoWriMo, without actually knowing too much about it. I thought it‘s a fun idea to work on one piece of writing every day, and I came up with the idea of putting together my knowledge into a more structured piece anyway.

There was an email from a creator I am following for years now, and he told, he will publish something every day in November, so I thought, hey well that‘s cool, I will do the same. So I committed to myself that I will participate. And yesterday I got to know the fact: 50,000 words.

Well, I am screwed. I have written and published throughout May for every single day, and the daily goal was 500 words. And to be honest, at some times, that was quite hard. Now I have to write the same three times.

The Conditions

The conditions are quite the same as in May. Nine days so about one third, I will be in Mumbai, and I have some days off planned as well. One day I will spend in the plane, which now can act as a buffer; usually I am focused and creative in a plane.

I will publish each piece of content on my blog as soon as I am done with it, but this time without the pressure of putting it out at a certain time of the day. Most probably, there will be content daily on my blog, but without a promise.

Right now, I am preparing and thinking about the schedule. A normal blog post with around 500 words takes me about 30 to 40 minutes. So I am thinking about writing three times a day, each time at least 600 words, that also should create a little buffer.

Also if I have the time and the energy I won‘t stop writing at all.

What will I write

I will write a book about productivity that focuses on the whole thing, not only on task or time management. It’s will be build around the three main areas clarity, time and energy.

In my humble opinion, there is no book about that that focuses on all three areas and provides you with the necessary insights. So instead of complaining, I am trying to write that thing on my own. And I am so lucky for the support that I have there 🙂

How I prepare

Without preparation this would be a really hard thing to do. Even with preparation it will be quite hard to do, I mean it’s 1667 words ever day.

On the weekend we put together the topics on paper and yesterday I started with the outline for the book. It’s fun. It’s fun to think about how this will grow into a book in just a month.

I have started from three bullet points:

  • Time
  • Clarity
  • Energy

And that has grown into two pages for now. I mean, I just have these few days left to prepare, so let’s use them.

Why I am telling you this

Yesterday I had the discussion about this endeavor, I just couldn’t tell anybody, that I have made this commitment and don’t do it in the end, but now it’s public:

Me, Daniel Hauck, will write 50,000 words in November.

Also, I would like to motivate you and spread some enthusiasm. You can take part in me, you don’t need the full thing, but write a little every day. Email me at if you want to join me or tweet at me @daniel_hauck.

Writing is such a great thing, and it helped me a lot to structure my thoughts and now what I want out of life. You can better understand your thoughts if you see them written down in front of you.

I want to hear from you!

Tell me, what are your thoughts? Have you ever taken part in such a challenge? Are you willing to try?

Tweet at me, or hit the comment button. See you soon.