Neglecting Choice

22:35:15 I learned a lot today, by just thinking about productivity and making your life easier.

One thing that cleared my mind up is a simple technique, which I kind of described yesterday; neglecting choice.

A quick example from the weekend: It’s hard to get me on vacation, I am lazy on making decisions so far away (it’s only 3 weeks this time). On Sunday my girlfriend went to the airport with her friend, because she needed to change some details on her holiday. So she asked me if she should look for a vacation for us too, why not I responded. She sent me a message with an offer in it and just asked, if I like it. I could only respond with YES or NO, since she was already sitting there and wanted to book the hotel and the flights. My answer was yes and now we will fly to a greek island.

By just having the option to say yes or no, the decision was fairly easy to me. If she told me, would you like to go to Greece, Italy, Turkey or whatever Dubai, I wouldn’t have been able to answer so quickly. So it’s just a yes or no.

How does this connect to productivity? When you are planning in advance on what things to work on, you also neglect the choice of choosing what to work on the other day, you have a list, with a few tasks in a specific order. By neglecting the choice of a task list, with a hundred items, you free up your mind, to concentrate on the most important thing, the work itself.

That’s it for today, I already feel way more productive, when not having such a hard time 😉 See you tomorrow friendos! 👋

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