No 5 AM Miracle

I won't tell you that waking up at 5 AM in the morning changed my life. But priorization and dedication have, doing the things that matter first and invest the time for it.

The Writing Course

My last goal, the How to Write Better course, made me sit in the chair writing for 60 minutes every single day. Even that course is over, I am keeping this habit. It's now day number 50.

The best time I could find was at 5 AM in the morning, one hour earlier than I am used to. Getting up still costs me some willpower, but the results in quality and creativity show me that it's worth it.

According to Joshua Fields Millburn do it as close as possible to dream state. I can only agree, when I am doing it right after waking up I still have an empty head that is not filled with the day's ups and downs. The words flow easier.

It not only works for writing. Every craft that requires focus and uninterrupted time benefits from an hour of solitude in the morning. And to what work doesn't this apply?

It's not about the time on the watch

I also wrote at different times. In the afternoon, the evening, at 10 in the morning on weekends, what I recognized was, it was less about the time on the watch.

It's about the priority. It's a great feeling to have already one hour of writing done before anything else. Before anything can upset you or drag your attention away.

If I am doing my writing as the last thing of the day, just quickly before I sleep, it doesn't have the same weight in my day. I am doing it to get it done and that's not the case in the morning when I give it a full hour of time.

In the morning it's intentional. The other 23 hours still have to come and I have already spend one hour of great uninterrupted work that no one can take away from me.

You know how life can go. Sometimes this may be the only hour of meaningful work you will get on a day.

Daniel Hauck

Daniel Hauck