No One will come and save you

Haven't you ever watched a movie where the main character is destroyed, starving to death, seemingly at the end of his or her path? Where there is no hope left. And suddenly, a light, a stranger comes by, saves our hero, and helps him to shine again.

What a heartwarming story... Hey, wake up, you are not Pretty Woman, and Richard Geere is not coming to save you!

You are now in the cold-hearted reality again. There is only this bearded guy that is writing this text you are reading and yourself. No chance that a billionaire is coming around the corner wanting to adopt you. Oh, wait... is there... NO. That won't happen!

I know I am cruel to tell you that. You are in this situation right now, and the chances are high that you got there by your action. Maybe you have been lazy, or perhaps someone has taken advantage of you. Both bad things, but you got something, a lesson.

You learned something, it wasn't for free, I guess, but you learned something. And that won't be the last time you will encounter shitty situations.

And one thing is compelling; If it's your fault that you are sitting in there right now, who can help you get out there? Right, only you.

Daniel Hauck

Daniel Hauck