An approach to turning down the noise

This topic fits kind of well, today I got some noise canceling headphones. I really thought about that for a long time and finally went out to get some. I am just wearing them while writing this blog post. There will be at least a short review about them some time in the future.

What has this post to do with headphones? Exactly, they also can reduce the noise around you. But in this post I want to talk about the noise you are producing for yourself.

Be aware

When I got my first smartphone I didn’t even bother about notifications and the operating systems didn’t do shit about them as well.

Everybody did receive tons of notifications every day and always looked as his or her phone. The real intention of push notifications was a different one… Only receive realtime notifications about important things. And not some idiot attacking your castle in an even worse game.

Most people weren’t aware of how long they are using their phone throughout the day. Actually nobody, including me, gave a shit about that.

You are getting dragged out of everything by looking at your phone all the time.

How many notifications are you getting each day? 100? 1000? 10000? That means you are disturbed that many times each day.

Be aware of, how bad this kind of noise can be for your life.


When I noticed how many notifications where coming each and every day and how bad the impact of that is, I needed to change something.

First I looked up which apps I didn’t use for at least one month. I deleted them, all of them. And then I decided separate on each app, if I really need. At that point I came down from 121 to 54 apps. More then a half of the apps were gone in less then a day.

The second part of my approach was to disable all notifications. There I didn’t go through and think about anything, I just unchecked every application, where it was possible. Thanks to mobile operating system manufacturers this is a separate permission that apps have to request. After finishing this step of course my phone was really freaking silent.

That was a weird feeling at the beginning but it felt good. Being there without getting bugged by your phone all the time.

Slowly I was looking at what I am missing from my notifications. And after some adjustment, there are two apps that have the option to disturb me, WhatsApp and Telegram. Yes and the calls.

After some time I added another ruleset to that. The more you are chatting with me, the higher the chance is getting muted.

That sounds totally rude I know, but let me explain. I got some people that I am writing with everyday. And these are mostly muted.

There is no way I could miss those messages. I am looking into these messengers a lot and even if I don’t answer in time, they can still give me a call.

The other people are this kind of contacts that I don’t communicate very often. From that I’d like to have a notification to be able to reply. Otherwise the message could probably get lost. Does it make a little sense now? 😉

Shut down

By just disabling a few notifications on my phone my life improved heavily. I am looking less on the phone, I am less stressed.

What do you think? How many notifications do you get per day and what are you doing about them?