Office destroyed – Project “Unicorn”

23:32:44 – On Saturday my girlfriend has her 29th birthday and I promised her, to built her an office at home. As she is totally obsessed with unicorns, I will call it project unicorn and I hope she won’t read my blog until Saturday.

I started with screwing up my office, since I got two desks and the second larger one I don’t use except for putting stuff there and never removing it, so I got a table top. For the future, she maybe wants a standing desk, but for now let’s stick with a normal desk, so she gets the same setup as I have, two legs and one IKEA Alex, which has proven to be awesome. It looks good and you get a lot of storage.

All the cabling stuff I will just replicate from my desk, since it works perfectly for many many years. One Brennenstuhl power outlet with 8 inputs and some random IKEA cable management thing. Enough outlets for the most desks.

And that’s pretty much it. Tomorrow I will take a look at a chair for the future standing desk setup. Maybe this can also be adjusted down to be able to sit on the normal desk.

That’s it for today! See you tomorrow guys! 👋

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