Operating at Peak Capacity

It‘s freaking hot here, the jeans just feel like leggings. Still, I neglect wearing shorts, shorts are for kids. Currently, I am sitting in a beer garden, ordered something to eat and a cold beer, alone, on purpose. I am feeling overwhelmed and helpless, at least I thought this until I outlined this article.

It was too much

Yesterday I brought some boxes of my apartment away and suddenly when I stood in front of the last box that I needed to carry a few floors up, my brain and my body hindered me of picking up that last single box. I don‘t want to pick up that damn thing and bring it into the building. I couldn‘t do that, it was just too much. Not the weight, not the temperature.

Come one, a single last box, that can‘t be it. But it was.

I was just so overwhelmed and anxious because of everything in front of. It‘s just one week and so much stuff to do and will I be able to make it? I felt alone and helpless.

At the moment I am really operating at my limit, I realized that. It‘s a lot of things in my private life that is going on and a lot of things in work life that are happening.

After having an awful night, with not that much sleep I got up in the morning and guess what, that feeling still was there. I went to work quite late, and on the way there I got excellent advice, go somewhere, have a beer and write about it.

Indeed, that always helps me, writing about what is going on in my head, to understand better what‘s going on and also find a solution for that.

After some notes

While I was thinking about the current situation I was making a list, with positive and negative things. I got three negative things and 4 positives. So, is it really that bad? Or is my brain playing tricks on me?

I am prepared. I am prepared for exactly that kind of situations. I am not doing all of that productivity and self-help stuff for fun. I am doing it, on the one hand, to be more efficient and have a better life and on the other hand, to protect myself from feeling like that and also from stress in my life.

Systems and Routines

Why do you think I am having strong routines and systems? Why am I a minimalist?

To have a more fulfilled life and not be anxious about such situations.

Having productivity systems and routines in place help you not caring about at the day to day life to much and instead focus on what‘s really important, living a meaningful life.

I don‘t fill up my coffee grinder every evening, because I want to take cool shots of that. I do it because it improves my life because I don‘t have to take care in the morning for it.

I don‘t have an exact layout of my laundry in my head, because I got OCD or because it looks cool. I do it because it takes away decisions that I have to take and I got more headspace for important decisions.

When I die, I don‘t hope my diary gets published and somebody earns money from it, I do it for my own, to get my head empty.

Blocking out time in my calendar is not for pissing of my coworkers, it‘s for having deep work sessions and adding an extra amount of margin to my day.

These systems I have implemented to make my day easier and more streamlined so in the end I have

  • more time for people and activities I enjoy
  • more headspace to focus on the important aspects of life

There is so much in life we can get more of. We can have a better body by eating better and having a better workout habit. We can have a better financial situation by spending less and saving more. The list goes on.

But at one thing, we are all equal. Time. We all have 24 hours and this time you can use better and more efficient with systems and routines.


Minimalism may sound cool, and it is, but the purpose of minimalism is not having a empty home or owning as few items as possible.

It‘s about not being owned by possessions and restoring margin in your life through getting rid of stuff, not only material.

While talking about stress and overload, minimalism also helped out a lot. In the last paragraph, I talked about that we all have the same 24 hours. That‘s true, by being a minimalist, you won‘t be able to gain a few extra hours on the clock, but by better using time through caring about fewer things in your life you can.

Read that again. By getting rid of your possessions, you can reclaim your time and use it for something more valuable.

If you are not living in a 12 room house with 4 bedrooms, you don‘t have to take care of it; thus you have gained some extra time. And this doesn‘t only work with houses. If you only own 15 shirts, guess how quick doing laundry is? Again, extra time.

It‘s not only about that extra time you can gain, it‘s also about the extra focus you can get from it.

Just one sentence to close the minimalism part: Have less – be more

Spend Time on Your Own

Spending all day in the office or at home with your family can be nice. But sometimes you need to step out. Get out, be alone.

For being alone you don‘t need to go to the forest and meditate, it‘s sometimes just enough if you are sitting in a cafe or a beer garden alone on a table, where nobody knows you and nobody will distract you.

By spending time alone, I have the possibility to focus on my thoughts and really think about what‘s going on.

Take today as an example; I went here, ordered a beer, got some food and thought about the last weeks and especially yesterday. And the outcome is, it is not that bad. A crowded office or house would be no help there.

People will accept it. At least most of them. Don‘t worry.


As I mentioned above, it‘s not that bad. Yes, I got a lot of shit on my plate, and yes, it‘s stressful. Yes, I will lose some hair from that.

But in the end, I do a whole lot of shit to prepare myself for this. And I also got recipes on how to calm this situations down.