Opportunities don’t wait until you are ready

From the first of October on I will take on the next step in my career. I will be the head of web development in the company I am working for and be responsible for nearly 30 developers, ops guys, ​and data engineers. For me, that is huge.

It won’t be easy, it’s also new for me to handle a department of that size. But I will do my homework and won’t stop at being average.

Be prepared

Getting into this position was the next logical step for me, it didn’t happen by just sitting there and doing nothing.

I am learning a lot, I am investing a lot of time and money in myself. My inner belief is that you can never stop learning and improving yourself in this fast-paced​ world if you want to get somewhere in your life.

By knowing very early where I want to go in life, I could prepare myself, by learning the right things and listening to the right people and developing the right mindset.

If you don’t know, where you want to go, read my blog post about goals and priorities. You need them in your life to stop running in circles.

After setting your goal, execute towards that direction. So when the opportunity opens you are ready to take it and do the best you can.

They don’t wait

That offer was there, in an arms reach. I had to decide between two options, but I actually knew, what I want to take.

Don’t think that the same opportunity will come again in a year or so. Maybe it will, but you cannot rely on that. You cannot afford to make guesses about big opportunities hitting you again and again.

I can do that

Of course your brain may tell, you are not good enough.

You don’t have enough experience. Somebody else has deserved that more than you. It will be a mess.

Ignore that.

Don’t listen.

What somebody else has done before, you are able to do as well!

Invest the time and the necessary effort and do the best you can and it will pay off.

And be honest here, weren’t you the guy at least once claiming he could do the job better than someone else?