Organize yourself to death

When I am crawling around on the internet, be it Instagram or YouTube, I am always seeing this Organisation Hacks and tips for Tidying up quickly.

And when I keep reading I always see this tons of things that I know these people won't ever use but still have a sepearte drawer or case that they even print labels for.

What you don't have you don't need to take care of

My mindset about things has changed so much. And when I see these people I sometimes even catch myself feeling sorry for them. All of these drawers, full of stuff and yes even if it is organized. You still need to take care of it.

A box of micro USB cables sounded cool 5 years ago, but today it's maybe not that nice anymore and you need to replace them with USB C to maintain that drawer.

I get you, you like to have an organized space. But it gets even more oganized if you only own the things that are really necessary and not only just in case items.

You can borrow stuff, you know?

I know it's nice to have everything available. But how much of the stuff that you keep for convience do you really use on a regular basis? Or how much of this stuff you have because that's stuff you should own.

I owned quite a nice collection of tools, but now I gave them all to my parents, because they really need them more than I do.

And what if I need something that I don't have? I am asking a friend if I can borrow it. That works for a ton of things.

If your friends don't have it, look on eBay or something similar for it. For stuff like cars there are even special apps. This just depends on the region of the world you are living in.

The less you own, the less you have to take care, the less you have to think about. - The less you have to organize.