Ouh what a day 2/140

This morning began pretty awesome, not. I missed the first train, the second train was late and stopped on half of the way, because of some accident. Plus I had coffee on my shirt since my mug dripped a bit. It didn’t seam to get better.

But that’s crying on a high level. Instead of crying all day and having a bad mood, I used the time to put some work in. Since the tram had stopped in an area with shitty mobile internet connection, I couldn’t get that much done, but I think for sitting on a stone stair, it’s ok 🤷‍♂️.

After 3 hours the way seemed to be cleared and I could go back to the office in Stuttgart.

Although I lost 3 hours from commuting and blocked tram, the day had a good outcome. Since I am starting to work on my portfolio now, I haven’t much to tell about it, except that it’s going to be built with CSS grid and flexbox.

It should deliver a good example of speed and performance, so I want to have to all the things in my own hands and not loading tons of CSS and JS, I don’t need. And it’s also a good training to build something by hand.

Instead of boring you, I will end this now and hopefully have something more for you tomorrow 👋

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