Out of your brain – put it somewhere

23:14:04 – I bet you also have experienced this. You have to remember something, or you are angry about something and can’t think about anything else than that. Even worse it comes, when you cannot sleep because of it. Little tip here, get it out of your brain and write it down.

My brain is constantly working on new ideas or thinking about a ton of stuff and this also caused sleepless nights. Usually I then get up and write it down somewhere, so I don’t need to take care of it myself. My brain can then release the thought.

The same thing works most of the time when I am pissed of by something or someone. I can stay up all night, arguing with myself about something. But if I decide to get up and write it down, it usually helps.

Usually this happens because your brain thinks, it could forget something. I have written a longer article about this, my quick capture system. But since hauck.io is down, this article doesn’t exist any longer. So let me explain it in a few words.

The base of it is actually Todoist (my number 1 software for getting things done) and for bigger thoughts Ulysses (my number 1 software for writing). Whenever a thought comes up, I get out my phone or open up the app when I am on my laptop and just hammer it in. Even it’s a event for my calendar, I hammer it in Todoist with the quick add function, give it a label and and a due date or time and I am done with it.

When it’s something I need to think about longer, I create a quick note in Ulysses and just start writing about it, whatever comes into my head. This feeling after you have done it, calms me down every time. See you tomorrow! 👋

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