From Consumer to Creator

There was a time when I consumed tons of videos and podcasts every single day. Be it in self-help categories or just for entertainment, every second that I had, I had the headphones in my ears and either listened to something or watched something. Let me tell you something, the rule something will stick doesn’t […]

2019 May

Welcome to my first monthly review. As it is the first, don’t get to used to the format, probably I will change this over time. Let me quickly summarize, what will go in here that I myself have an idea, what I want to put in there. At first, I want to give you a […]

Perfection is a Distraction

When I started with this project here I started with the WordPress default theme. It was easy and straightforward. I knew from the beginning that I am not going to stick with it forever and that I will spend some time on making the block more matching my liking. Looking for a theme and researching […]

Show Up Every Day

I am sitting on flight to Amsterdam, with a stopover in Vienna, relaxed and ready to write. Now that I got all of that time consuming stuff behind me, I am ready for new endeavors in my life. This article is in my head for quite some time now, but because I didn’t get that […]

Make it as easy as possible to start

I am sitting again at the tram station after a long day. And again I noticed if something is easy to reach and easy to get I am more likely to do it. Yes, it refers to writing in my case. On Saturday the postman brought me a bag for my iPad. I don’t want […]

Care about your Environment – Start somewhere

To be totally honest, in the past I didn’t care about the environment that much. I didn’t think about what I am buying, how much plastic is wrapped around it or what it does to the environment. This changed when I got more and more into Minimalism. Start small I think it started when I […]

What I need to be happy

This post is written by Kathrin, she is a good friend of mine. At the moment she doesn’t have an own blog, which could change in the future. This is the first post she has ever written and I liked it so much, I just couldn’t not publish it. I am sitting in my garden, […]

Be ready when Creativity sparks

I wrote a lot about what to do when you don’t feel like it or how to start. But there are also moments, where you just feel like it and I get these more and more often in the past few weeks. And when I encounter these moments, I want to be ready. It is […]

What I have learned through 31 Days of Writing

How to end the 31 days of writing challenge better than with a lessons-learned? On Friday I finished the challenge with myself. Yes, it was a great feeling. The last few days I mostly spend with learning for my trainers exam, so I took a break from publishing. This morning I had the exam and […]

Minimalism on Your Phone

I‘ve already written a blog post about, how to turn down the noise you are experiencing from your phone, mainly by turning off all the notifications. Today I want to focus more on the not so obvious part, how your phone can destroy your focus and attention. Attention Based Industry Most services and apps these […]