Do you need to “fit” in?

Today I had a discussion with a colleague of mine, about the podcast I want to start this month. I talked about which categories it should fit in and how I was working on categorizing my blog, trying to fit my articles into certain tags and how cumbersome this activity was. His words and opinion […]

Trade your Time right

It’s Sunday morning, I am sitting for the first time in the dining area of my new apartment. With my black coffee and a huge glass of water, I am having a great view over Stuttgart. After a while of searching, I can even identify the office that I am working in if that matters. […]

A New Chapter Opens

Last week I finally closed the door to my old apartment, and so I did to my old life. The next day I am sitting in my room in my shared apartment, after having a Gin Tonic and talk about life with strangers. I never could have thought about moving into a shared apartment with […]

2019 July

Well, actually this was a pretty good and intense month when I look back. To get my apartment empty, I gave away a lot of things and met new people through that. Sadly I haven’t advanced on the Data Science part which means, there will be again no stats this time. Main Events Denmark Vacation […]

Operating at Peak Capacity

It‘s freaking hot here, the jeans just feel like leggings. Still, I neglect wearing shorts, shorts are for kids. Currently, I am sitting in a beer garden, ordered something to eat and a cold beer, alone, on purpose. I am feeling overwhelmed and helpless, at least I thought this until I outlined this article. It […]

What do you really really need?

My approach to deciding what will be part of my life and whatnot Sitting on the balcony, it’s already dark outside, the air is still warm and I am in a relaxed mood. I am thinking about Saturday, where I am going on vacation to Denmark for a week and what I need to take […]

Don’t Judge

Imagine the following; You get up in the morning, you are late, you slept bad, you have to hurry to get to work. You are going to bathroom quickly, packing your shit together and heading into the car. After driving out of the garage and being on the street for 5 minutes this damn fucking […]

My Social Media Addiction

Do you know how many hours of your life you have wasted watching YouTube or spent endlessly scrolling through Instagram (or any other social media app)? I have a good grasp. The answer is in most cases the same: too much. Why we are doing this? I don’t want to iterate on the cause here […]

2019 June

Let’s do the second monthly review. June was a very intense month, but also a great one. I again learned a lot of things about myself and also about other people. This month felt quite short, there are so many upcoming things. Some that I am excited for, like the vacation in Denmark, some that […]

From Consumer to Creator

There was a time when I consumed tons of videos and podcasts every single day. Be it in self-help categories or just for entertainment, every second that I had, I had the headphones in my ears and either listened to something or watched something. Let me tell you something, the rule something will stick doesn’t […]