Revisiting the Morning Routine

06:57:28 Good Morning! Since my little pause I want to try to make this 10 minutes part of my morning routine and feel useful right after getting up. And I

can tell you, it won’t be easy for the first days.

The hardest part is getting out of bed for the first 21 times when you are trying to develop a habit of getting up and start with your routine right away. I prepare a little bit in the evening to take as many pitfalls away as possible. For example I write a note about what I want to write about. So I am neglecting the choice what to work on and have more energy to concentrate on the writing itself in the morning.

So how does my actual morning routine look like? Honestly, I am just starting out… The first thing I do is make a coffee and then take some creatine. After that I am sitting down and start to write. I am thinking about of putting a few minutes of workout in between to higher the serotonin production to make my brain work even better. To not get distracted right away I have my notebook disconnected from anything, so that I won’t get distracted before getting my writing done. If I got up early enough I read one to two articles on my pocket reading list.

That’s actually it, after this I shower and get to work. 🤷‍♂️ See you tomorrow! 👋

Breaking the streak – not by accident

06:37:25 Good morning 😎On Friday I broke my writing streak after posting 69 days in a row. This was on purpose. This Friday I made a huge decision, which will change a lot and so I decided to give my brain a few days to think and wonder and create nothing. Let myself reboot, in some way.

So it’s Wednesday morning, meanwhile 06:42:26. I haven’t got much written down in 5 minutes, because I needed so much time to form the first paragraph and try to find the right words.

After 3 and a half days of not writing and not be doing any creative work, I have gained new power. Also new ideas, new momentum. I have a new technique for the 10 minutes posts, and I have prepared other posts for this blog. I have removed the deadline from Codalong, since I couldn’t make it last week or even this week.

I will give you a date, when the end is in sight 😉 Let’s rock! 🤘

Getting the pieces together – Consistency is key

23:30:11 Ok, late again, I didn’t manage to write this morning, I had to put fires off…

This post is mostly targeted to beginners in their career, that feel overwhelmed by all the stuff. Trust me, you can make it.

If you follow me for a longer time, you know, I have been a system administrator, a developer and a lot of stuff in between. Now I am leading a tech team and need to combine all the skills I have learned over the past years.

When I started, fresh out of school and saw the first real world application, I thought I would never understand how it works. How Linux, PHP, MySQL, MongoDb and so on works. It all seemed to freaking complicated and I didn’t know where to start. I looked at source code and thought how should I ever know what happens there.

The only thing, that helps you out of there is consistency. Consistency is the key to everything in live. If you tackle a new framework once and never built something real with it, you won’t remember a thing in six months. Instead if you sit down and build a real application, with real problems, you will remember that forever. And you will start to put that stuff together. Problems in infrastructure are the same. When I first installed Linux on my notebook, I couldn’t manage to get the f-ing wifi working. And now it’s easy for me to manage a ton of servers at once.

The point is, we all start somewhere. You need to stick with it and improve yourself. Ok, that’s it for today! See you tomorrow! 👋

Do you fit in? – Part 1

07:13:00 – Good morning friendos, it feels definitely good to write that early. Let’s talk about a topic that comes to my mind every day and some how pisses me off, all the time. Fitting in. I don’t know how much I will be able to pack in 10 minutes, so let’s go.

In kindergarden and in school we are taught to fit in, to not question everything. We are taught, what are good values and how to act. You quickly learn, that you have to ask for permission, to go to the fucking toilet. And you don’t have to question anything the teacher tells you, they have learned it before you and they are right, because they are adults and you have to be polite.

Bullshit, all BULLSHIT. If I would have listened to my English teacher in school, I wouldn’t have learned English that quick. I would still repeat Reading Comprehension and bullshit like that.

The other side is, you are rewarded for simple bullshit. I don’t know how it’s called, but in German schools you are getting a certificate to attend in sports games. You are getting medals and encouragement for not being top notch.

As I can’t finish my thoughts here in 10 minutes, I will continue with this topic tomorrow! See you then! 👋

Getting it done early

23:14:10 – What has my posting time to do with procrastination? Maybe something, maybe nothing 🤷‍♀️

I was reading and thinking more about productivity today. And came to a kind of conclusion. The way I do my 10 minute writing is somehow a way of procrastinating. Why? Because most of the time, I do it 10 minutes before I go to sleep.

In one post, I have mentioned it helps me to think about the past day, that’s still true. But maybe I will replace this with a real private journal, where I could also put stuff, I don’t want to talk about here.

There are a lot of moments in my day, where I think about, that I need to write this 10 minutes. And this is the same as when I think about a task, I need to get done, but cannot get my ass up. So it has a lot in common with procrastination. To stop this, I will instead publish my writing as the first thing on the day, before anything happens. Maybe I will up the game in the future, and also do a little retrospect of the day, but don’t take me for granted here, I have to focus more on the actual projects like codalong and the new blog, that finally has a name 😜.

That’s already it for todays writing. See you tomorrow MORNING! 👋

Neglecting Choice

22:35:15 I learned a lot today, by just thinking about productivity and making your life easier.

One thing that cleared my mind up is a simple technique, which I kind of described yesterday; neglecting choice.

A quick example from the weekend: It’s hard to get me on vacation, I am lazy on making decisions so far away (it’s only 3 weeks this time). On Sunday my girlfriend went to the airport with her friend, because she needed to change some details on her holiday. So she asked me if she should look for a vacation for us too, why not I responded. She sent me a message with an offer in it and just asked, if I like it. I could only respond with YES or NO, since she was already sitting there and wanted to book the hotel and the flights. My answer was yes and now we will fly to a greek island.

By just having the option to say yes or no, the decision was fairly easy to me. If she told me, would you like to go to Greece, Italy, Turkey or whatever Dubai, I wouldn’t have been able to answer so quickly. So it’s just a yes or no.

How does this connect to productivity? When you are planning in advance on what things to work on, you also neglect the choice of choosing what to work on the other day, you have a list, with a few tasks in a specific order. By neglecting the choice of a task list, with a hundred items, you free up your mind, to concentrate on the most important thing, the work itself.

That’s it for today, I already feel way more productive, when not having such a hard time 😉 See you tomorrow friendos! 👋

Plan in advance

22:04:18 – Post number 65, not too bad 😉

Yesterday we had some people here for my girlfriends birthday. Today we relaxed a bit, because the week was kind of hard. Another cool thing is, we booked a vacation for May, or better said, my girl took care of it.

One thing I try each Sunday is to plan my week in advance, so that I have a good picture of what is going to happen in the next week, especially since I have a strict planning for Codalong.

What I to there is, I go through my todo inbox and drag each task on a weekday and even give it a due time. This helps, especially when you have a lot to do and don’t think you can get anything done.

Now we will watch a bit of american dad and south park and than go to bed. A cool thing about planning out the week is, you don’t have to think about it all the time. You have written it down and it’s out of your head.

That’s it for today! See you tomorrow! 👋

Good evening

Ouh late again, it’s 23:44:28…

Today is my girlfriends birthday. She turned 29 or as I say 21. The day was quite intense.

I had to get all the stuff to buy burger buns and prepare them. Also I had to prepare the meat, which was 3.5 kilogram of meat. Just a bit of spices to make it awesome. It was concise all the time so I haven’t really had a minute to calm down and that’s what I don’t like that much about these days.

But it doesn’t matter, I would do anything to make he birthday an incredible day for her. For anyone else, there are different things that matter, and she is the, as she calls it, the birthday princess. I love this words 🤷‍♂️.

But that’s already it, I don’t get much more out today, so see you tomorrow! 👋

It’s you – It’s your fault

22:13:35 – So it’s the day before my girls birthday, we are watching some movies and waiting for 12 o’ clock to get the fancy cake. But of course I have to do my writing.

One thing I have thought about in the previous days I want to write about today. Excuses and searching the fault. Like everybody else I have made excuses in my life. I cannot do X because of that personI am not happy because of YI cannot sit down and work because of that person — on and on and on and on…

That is something I had to learn and that is something you have to learn too. It’s your fault and it’s always your own freaking fault. When you don’t sit down and work, you are not planning your day, not managing yourself, not advancing yourself; it’s you, you and you.

It’s not the fault of your parents, your spouse or anyone. Sit on your ass and get some work done and not try to blame anyone else for your own failures.

Next week there will be longer posts again, see you then! 👋

Mission Unicorn Cake

21:53:58 – Ok, still in the week of total insanity. Today is cake time, Unicorn Cake Time.

So this post will be short again, sorry for that. Next week will be better 😜.

I had a quite productive day, the release was totally easy going. I haven’t had any issues and the deployment was out point 1 PM. That’s normal for you? Congratulations! 👍 I am working on a platform that has seen more coders than anything else and all of them had best practises, like You don’t want to win a beauty price for that code. What a bullshit!

When you look at the git stats, no coder has made any plus lines since the end of 2015. We all got minus lines, because we delete more code than we actually write, which is a good thing. The most times I can replace 100 lines of code, with less than 10, plus it works better and faster…

7 minutes over and only 160 words, maybe because my head is with the cake. It’s full of sugar, something I don’t like that much, but it will taste amazing. I am stoked how it will look 🤔. You will get a photo tomorrow 😆.

I prefer cooking over baking, that’s for sure. See you tomorrow! 👋