Why not take the easy path 4/140

Sometimes I think about, if it wouldn’t be easier to just take a normal path. Working from 9 to 5, from paycheck to paycheck, accepting mediocracy. Simply because it bores me.

Of course I take days off, come home, just watch Netflix and do nothing else. But if I do this, for more than one day in a row, I get annoyed by myself and think about all the projects in my mind and have to work on something, or work on myself, improve myself.

In the last 2 – 3 weeks I had to work with a few things, that I don’t know that much about. This time not technical stuff. I could surrender and accept that I don’t know that much about it and go on and do nothing about it. But curing my own itch I first read a ton of articles on the internet about it and then bought a book, that looked very promising to me.

It will take some time until I work it out completely, but that’s the process. And as John Sonmez says; Trust the process.

That’s it for today, see you tomorrow! 👋👋

Compensate yesterday 3/140

At the moment, I am totally unhappy with my home office. It’s cluttered, there is so much stuff just laying around. After leaving my previous job and had to give away my car, I just put everything inside there. The cat likes it, since it’s a playground with boxes and stuff 🤷‍♂️ But it’s also annoying when I am working there and she is walking around and throwing stuff around.

The plan was to get rid of all the chaos yesterday, but as you may have read, I wasted 3 hours yesterday because of some chaos in public transport, which resulted in leaving the mess alone 😉

So today, I am trying to compensate yesterday. I have gotten up at 6, was in the train at 06:30 and already began working. So I will be home today quite early and finally get to put some work into my office and make it more enjoyable sitting in there.

Another funny thing; cat content works 🤔 I have uploaded the pic of my screen with our cat in front of it and it got about 350 likes or so 🤷‍♂️

See you tomorrow! 👋

Ouh what a day 2/140

This morning began pretty awesome, not. I missed the first train, the second train was late and stopped on half of the way, because of some accident. Plus I had coffee on my shirt since my mug dripped a bit. It didn’t seam to get better.

But that’s crying on a high level. Instead of crying all day and having a bad mood, I used the time to put some work in. Since the tram had stopped in an area with shitty mobile internet connection, I couldn’t get that much done, but I think for sitting on a stone stair, it’s ok 🤷‍♂️.

After 3 hours the way seemed to be cleared and I could go back to the office in Stuttgart.

Although I lost 3 hours from commuting and blocked tram, the day had a good outcome. Since I am starting to work on my portfolio now, I haven’t much to tell about it, except that it’s going to be built with CSS grid and flexbox.

It should deliver a good example of speed and performance, so I want to have to all the things in my own hands and not loading tons of CSS and JS, I don’t need. And it’s also a good training to build something by hand.

Instead of boring you, I will end this now and hopefully have something more for you tomorrow 👋

Let the streak begin… 1/140

Okay I have to admit, that I have missed my initial plan.

The plan was simple; when I will start my new job, I will start a new streak. Looking back, it was clear, that this won’t work out. When you get into a new company, there is so much new stuff, you have to work out. Dealing with new challenges, new coworkers, the whole new environment.

So, it should have been clear to me. And I also have let my routine slip. I haven’t been doing my usual stuff, such as journaling daily and keeping my daily writing in place. But let’s get back to it.

The second streak will double the first. I will do my best to keep it up and also spend more time again, working on myself. That includes the whole personal brand stuff, as well as Codalong. And my github streak 😉

It is already 10 past 9 here, so the day comes to an end. I have to get up at 6 tomorrow, so I only have a few hours left. Tomorrow I will have a long commute for an hour. So you will hear early from me 😀

The rest of the day, I will use to finish the design for my new portfolio, which will be available by the end of the week. Since I have shut down hauck.io, my online presence suffered a bit 🤷‍♂️. Let’s change that again.

So, let’s put in some work! See you!

Good Freaking Morning

Yesterday I started my new job. For the next month or so, I probably have to commute for 2 hours each, which honestly sucks. But since I am going by public transport, at least I can get some things done.

Codalong and the first course

You haven’t heard a while about Codalong for a reason. I am still working on the platform and I am also working on the first course.

I have changed a few requirements since I realized I missed some points. I think the first course will go live somewhere in October / December.

So what’s the course about? Basics! Web basics. But not as you might think, stuff like Javascript, HTML, CSS. Even more basic. I have realised that a lot of people don’t understand the basics on how HTTP and the web in general works. For example what’s a request and a response.

If you are interested in this, drop me a comment!

Even if you are a seasoned Javascript developer or earning your bucks as a frontend dev, I bet the course will be valuable for you.

New job

So let’s talk about my new job, at least for a second. I am working there as a Solution Architect, which basically means, I have to figure out, how certain things will be build and used and with which technologies.

Since I am not sure, how the company reacts to me talking about it, I will just leave it out here 😉

See you tomorrow morning! 👋

Turn down all the noise

At some day in January I have deleted all of my work accounts from my mobile devices like my iPhone and iPad, otherwise I would have freaked out at that moment. Since then I have experimented with a ton of other things. So let’s talk about my results.

The result is quite simple: TURN IT OFF.

I have turned of every notification on my phone; no badges, no sounds, no banners. I have three exceptions for this on which I will come back later.

It may sound hard to do this and yes, the first day was quite hard. My phone became to silent and didn’t flash all the time an email popped in.

Another positive thing here, I don’t grab my phone so often and don’t get distracted so easily. If I am now grabbing the phone it has more intention and not because a stupid newsletter popped up about something I do not care.

It’s a good feeling.

A few exceptions

I have indeed three exceptions. For example if you call me the second time, my phone will ring loud. Which is a simple kind of emergency rule.

Things 3 show badges for todays tasks. To quickly be able to look where I am for the day.

Whatsapp messages; I am not chatting with a ton of people, so I leave that one, because only kind of important people have my number and they know, I hate to be distracted by useless stuff 😉

Don’t be a dick

Last Saturday we bought a new closet for our bedroom. It was the one standing in the store all the time, so we got it way cheaper and of course we had to disassemble it.

For today I rented a transporter to get this thing home. My plan was to leave the two main part assembled and put them in the transporter in one piece. But while starting to put it apart I recognized there were a ton of loose screws broken brackets and more stuff like this. And this brings me to a thing in tech, that I sadly see every single day. People don’t think about what happens later. As the guys that build the closet and didn’t think about someone taking it apart to take it home. People write bad code and don’t give a shit who has to care about it later. We build systems and don’t think about, if it’s easy to update.

If we would all pay a bit more attention and think and care about the people coming after us, I am sure the world would be a quite better place. And it doesn’t matter if you are writing code, building closets, burning tires or doing something that harms you or your environment. So to close this, don’t be a dick 😉

Keep the momentum up

This fits great after yesterdays post about starting. Once you have started and have gained some traction it’s more important that ever to stay motivated and keep the momentum up.

Moment what?

Momentum, the product of mass and velocity of an object. If you started eating a pizza and it tastes so freaking great that you just can’t stop. That’s momentum. The pizza example ain’t that good, but exchange the pizza with a project and eating with working. Now that actually is momentum.

If you are in this state of mind, if you are on fire, keep it up, keep the words, the code, the videos, whatever flowing. But you ask, how?

Think of the little milestones you already got

What parts of the project did you already set up? How much lines you have already written? How many tickets you have moved to Done? If you think back about what you have already accomplished, this can keep you going.

Hold on to the vision

Why you started the project? To solve a problem, to cure your own itch? Will it make you happier? Will it serve other people?

By constantly remembering yourself why you do it, it will get easier and easier to keep working on your project.

There is no right time

This is a tough one, since I struggle with myself a lot. I bet you also have had this feeling of, it’s not the right time to start something or maybe end something.

There is always a reason to not start something. It doesn’t matter if it’s a goal, a project or anything else. How often do you hear something of this examples;

  • After vacation I will go start to eat healthier
  • After finishing with school I will work on my self management
  • Next year I will start different
  • I won’t watch as much TV after this week
  • I won’t drink any alcohol after this party

If you stick to this excuses, yes they are nothing as excuses, you will hardly get anything done in your life. There is always a reason to not do something that is loud enough in your brain to keep you from doing it.

Don’t hold yourself back. If you really think about what is holding you back from achieving a goal, mostly it’s fear. What could happen if you screw it up? Yeah, but what happens if you don’t screw it up. And how are the chances to even screw it up? In most cases, it won’t have any negative effects on your life. You maybe could waste time and money. But at least you’ve tried it.

The worst thing that could happen and will happen, if you don’t start working on your heart projects, is that you wake up one day and realize you missed all the oppurtunities and it’s too late. Don’t let that happen to you.

Productivity versus Deadlines

This post comes into my mind, because right now I am working on a task, that has kind of a deadline, tomorrow morning. So I need to finish it, before I got to bed 🤷‍♀️.

Pay attention to the effects

I will finish this task today, even if it means I have to stay up until 1 AM. But before you do something like this, think about the effect that it could have.

One point to think about is, trading your hours and your attention. If I put in the hours today they will miss tomorrow. If I put in 1 more hour today, I will sleep an hour longer tomorrow. If I don’t sleep that hour longer, it will work against my productivity.

Be sure about the costs

By trying to finish this one damn task today, you will get less sleep, or you have less power tomorrow and the day after.

Now compare, is it worth it? You are trading one task versus one or two days, on which cannot focus or put in all the power you would have had, if you just went to bad and worked on it the other day.

Drama baby

Yes, this post is by intention written more dramatic than it should be. I want to make sure, you get the point. 😉

See you tomorrow!