Partner in Crime

23:41:53 Ouh, late again. I nearly got no chance of missing to write my ten minutes each, for a few reasons. About the biggest impact, I want to talk to today. My partner in crime.

What’s that? 🤔 A partner in crime is someone, that keeps you accountable and you keep them accountable. In short.

Who’s my partner in crime? Samanta, my beautiful awesome girlfriend. We both have huge dreams, of what we want to accomplish in our lives. To stay on the track and not lose motivation we support each over. We keep each other accountable.

Sometimes this also means, she has to kick my ass, or I have to kick her ass. In most cases, she has to kick mine 🤷‍♂️. We support each other in every direction, be it to look over the others work, help them learn new skills or just listen.

But in most cases, it’s just being there and giving an empowering feeling to your partner. Best example here is the gym, we go there together, but we don’t do any exercises together. Nobody feels that he or she could just quit after 10 minutes and go home to lay on the couch. So we push each other to achieve more and this not only works in the gym.

Ten minutes are over 😜 See you tomorrow! 👋

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