Perfection is a Distraction

When I started with this project here I started with the WordPress default theme. It was easy and straightforward. I knew from the beginning that I am not going to stick with it forever and that I will spend some time on making the block more matching my liking.

Looking for a theme and researching the possibilities until I found something matching took more than two days for me. And guess what, I could also have been writing in that days and producing content. But instead I tinkered around in the WordPress backend and switched themes back and forth trying to optimize the shit out of page templates and styles, that no one ever will notice. I stopped and went back to the default layout of the theme I purchased, which looks indeed good enough and makes a difference in readability. But I could have saved those days and invested the time better in writing.

Spend the Time on the Right Things

Now I told you a fairly long story to come to the topic. I wanted to have everything in my blog perfect, to my liking, to my style. But I didn’t even think about if someone will notice the difference at all.

The people visiting my blog are mostly interested in what I am writing and not how the headers breadcrumb is formatted, screw that. I lost the focus on the important parts here.

Invest your time on the right parts of your endeavors. If you are a writer, write. If you are a painter, paint. If you are a lawyer, go sue people (or whatever lawyers do, don’t sue me, thank you). Make sure that you spend your time on the right parts of your projects and not on the little things, that don’t deliver any value.

The parts you are not taking care of, can also be outsourced. Or maybe you are having that friend that can do the job. There are ways.

Done is better than perfect

On the other hand, the style of your blog is something you need to pay attention too, there is nothing worse than a blog that looks like crap on phones or tablets or has a color contrast that makes it unreadable.

With this kind of topics, always remember what your goal is and work until that is done. And don‘t be a perfectionist about that. In the past I was developing a blogging platform myself and guess what, it was never released, because it wasn‘t perfect in my opinion.

By just sticking with WordPress my blog is set up in a very short time, it may not be perfect, but it fulfills all of my needs and offers tons of possibilities. Before building something from scratch, look around if there is something or someone that can help you reach the goal faster.

Use the tools that are in your reach, this also applies for gear. If you cannot afford a 3000 $ MacBook a used laptop can also be used for writing or programming. Most of the guys I know started with less. Don’t wait for the day you can afford the perfect tool to start. Get it done and get it out there.