Productivity is not an Over Night Thingy

In the mean time, several people around me are asking me for tools or methods that could help them increase their productivity, either at work or also in their personal lives. And yesss, that makes me a bit proud of myself. Smiling like a honeycake horse here.

Usually it starts with a question, how I am motivating myself

It will take time and effort

I can tell you how to get started and how to keep going forward, no issue, but there is not a magical recipe, that makes you a working machine over night. It takes time, effort and commitment to become more productive every day.

You won’t learn how to use a certain technique or tool in 24 hours. Adjust slowly and get used to it. Give yourself reminders and like I told in another post, get help with that; ask the people near you to check on you. “Have you followed your todo list today?” can be a powerful question.

Only if you are willing to invest that time, there is a possibility to succeed.

You cannot buy productivity

There is a misbelief out there. By playing out tons of ads on YouTube and Google some tools suggest you that with them, you will get more productive. Sounds wrong? It is.

I can only repeat myself it’s not magical, and there is no magical tool.

Sure tools and courses can you help on that. By explaining different skills you need to develop, e.g. saying yes or no in the right moment.

A tool can send you reminders and notifications, but it won’t automatically fill up itself and somehow do the work for you (I should invent a tool like that ;)).

There is a quote about that, A fool with a tool is still a fool. That’s totally adequate. Search for the right thing, use it, train it and hold it.

Don’t switch it like underwear

If you once decided for a particular tool, software or method, stick with it. Sure the world is turning, but only by sticking with a method you will really learn it.

Jumping back and forth between two apps won’t do you any good. It will hinder to get anything done if you are busy every weekend migrating todos from one app to another.

The same goes for method, when your brain starts to adapt to a method, for example GTD and now you are telling it, Ah wait, we don’t do it like that anymore. That’s a harsh context switch for your brain, when it has do adapt over and over again.


Productivity is all about commitment. Committing to become better scheduling your time and spending more time for valuable things life.

And only by working on yourself day in and day out, you will reach a good level of productivity.

Develop your own style, with the tools and methods you like and improve up on them. That’s how productivity works, not with an overnight success progress, that magically ticks your todo list 😉