Just Publish

At the beginning of 2021, I did this writing course by Joshua Fields Millburn; I have written about that here. Throughout the course and also two months later, I had the inner force to write. This was all momentum after taking it.

I was getting up every freaking morning to write. This was the highest priority I had. And damn, it felt good.

According to the people around me, my writing really got better, and I am still writing nearly every single day. But one thing is missing.

Hitting the Publish button

When I started with this course, I wrote so much, and the ideas were flowing. As I am going through a challenging phase in my day job, this flow is getting interrupted easier, and ideas don't pop up too easily anymore.

As I am not satisfied with my current ideas, I don't publish too often. And that's the real issue.

I am unlearning to publish.

In my post about creativity, I discuss multiple parts of it. Right now, I am doing all of them except getting into a fight, into a discussion about my work. It's not attention that I am missing. It's the discussion about the work itself that is missing. Ranting about a topic with friends or colleagues and sending them to my blog. Talking with my girlfriend about what I published today and getting her thoughts about it, that's missing.

Hit it

I could go on for a while, and complain. Or just publish and try to make it a habit again. One blog post a week. That's the deal.

Daniel Hauck

Daniel Hauck