React is fun

23:45:12 – Uh, I am late today. So let me tell you…

Today I was really digging hard into React and did the rest of the beginners course and also worked on a first test application, on which you can query a books API.

The concept of React should be hammered inside my head. But besides components, functional stateless components, styles and so on, it’s really the eco system that makes me excited about it.

One of the coolest things in my mind are the styled components. You define a style, call it ProfileImage, give it a certain style, some background shadow, some margin, or use grid inside it. And just replace your <img …/> tag with something like <ProfileImage …/>. I know what you are going to say; we spend some much effort in structuring our sass files and building our gulp workflow and now you put it back all together in one huge file, that’s not cool.

But didn’t came all inventions in development through big thinking changes? I like the style 🤷‍♀️.

The next thing I need to work on is Gatsby, because I need to get Codalong on the road, I’ve been procrastinating on this for too long now 😉

I actually only took the React course, to be familiar with Gatsby. Otherwise this would have been a week later 🤷‍♀️.

Ok, guys, see you tomorrow, where I will probably tell how awesome Gatsby is 👋

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