Reboot – again?

A year ago I killed my blog, because it was cluttered with too many topics. After that I started this project and just published whatever came to my mind. That also worked. I got a grasp what I want to write about, the topics are way clearer now.

And that’s why I will do a reboot here.

I need to find suitable names for the topics, but it will be something around this three areas:

  • food and drinks
  • work and life-related things (I don’t want to call it lifestyle 😬)
  • tech stuff, like apps and devices (no programming)

So probably the categories will be first called like this and someday I will rename them if I wake up in the night and got a catchy name for them.

Yeah and that’s already it. The next post should be about my plans for 2019. See you there!

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