Recap 01 - One Month Without Alcohol

February the first, this morning I woke up and the first that I did was not opening a bottle of beer.

To be honest, I thought it would be harder.

Some moments where tempting

I am a beer lover, no wonder, as I have been growing up in the German area where a lot of beer is being produced. Over the time of my birthday we have been in Prague, another are where a lot of beer is being consumed.

I had some weak moments there, but I kept being strong and only drunk alcohol free beer.

Did it work?

But the need for the impact of alcohl I didn't miss a single second. I prefer to be present and not dizzy in my head. I prefer to keep my fitness routine and not be too sleepy or lazy because I have a hangover.

Mostly the challenge should help me identify and break bad habits and that totally worked and I will also continue that.

Whenever I am going out I will continue to just drink alcohol free beer or just water instead of automically ordering a beer. I can also sit with other people for a beer and drink alcohol free.

This time I also didn't get too bad comments from a friend of mine, that is now working out as well and not drinking that much anymore ;) Two years ago I earned a lot of bad jokes for that.