Repetition is key

I’ve looked at a ton of technologies and programming languages, which is good for my job. So I can tell you how to solve a problem with which technology and which tools fit for you.

But as much things I have learned, I have forgotten a ton of them. Because I did on or to tutorials and read the manuals, doesn’t mean I totally master that skill. Repetition is key.

Things like Python, NodeJS, automation stuff, I know by heart, I can tell you hours about Jenkins, about CI, about configuration management, the advantages and disadvantages about several approaches. Why? Because I have done this things daily. I am working with Python for about 6 years every day. But I only know it so well, because I use it every day, I repeat simple things every day.

So what’s my point today? I really suck at CSS, or better at advanced stuff, like animations. My goal for September is, to publish 6 codepens, each on different topics of CSS. Why six? I don’t now 😉 Sounds like a good number to start. I want to do different topics, like layout with flexbox and grid, animations, filters and so on.

Expect the first at the middle of next week. See you tomorrow!

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