Respect your Parents – but don’t try to please their expectation

21:57:57 – This is a tough and honest one, which I write because of recent events.

I had a great childhood and have grown up pretty normal, I would say. My parents did everything for me. I’ve always had everything I needed. They taught me the right values. They taught me to respect any human being and don’t take everything for granted. They pushed me in the right directions. Without my father for example, I would have never gotten into tech. He’s no tech guy, but he made me sign up for IT school. Without him I would probably fix cars or would paint walls. My mother always pushed me forward and made me believe in myself. If you read this, thank you, I owe you so much. You are the greatest parents I could imagine.

Just as a disclaimer, this post isn’t about the relationship between me and my parents, we have a great relationship and respect each other. But recent events showed me, that’s not the usual thing.

When I have kids and they grow up, I will do everything to give them a good life and a feeling of what’s right and wrong, as my parents showed me. I will teach them to respect each other and I hope they will respect me, even when I get old and become a weirdo that talks about old times. Of course I would love if they also take a career in tech, but when they prefer to become a hair dresser that’s also fine. And that’s the second part.

I treat my parents with the biggest respect. We have different views, I respect their opinion and their views, but I don’t try to please them, with what I do. You don’t have to take the job you father wants you to learn. You don’t have to marry that boy or girl your parents like. BUT you have to respect them and their view. They did so much for you.

So let’s turn it to an ending here and use Googles slogan; Don’t be evil. The world changes, economy changes, my job didn’t exist when my parents grew up. The job of my kids probably doesn’t exist either right now. But they supported me everywhere they could and so will I. So, you have different opinions and views than your parents, that’s fine. Just treat your parents with some fucking respect. You will get older too. That’s it guys, see you.

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