Revisiting Daily Themes

Good morning! I have first heard of daily themes from Mike Vardy at Simple said, it is easier and keeps you more accountable, when you set yourself each day a topic to work on. I tried it out and it worked pretty well.

I have lost the streak a bit over the Christmas time. We spent a lot of time on the road and at each of our parents, where we couldn’t really work or be that productive. It’s already February, which means I would have missed a lot of themed days. Especially for the relaunch and launch I have planned, these themed days will help me, to get my stuff done.

For me the new week starts on Sunday, because then I begin to plan the week. I take care about what to work on and mostly about my writing for the whole week.

I won’t write down the themes here, because I will do an extra NOW page for this. But one other thing, I will include dedicated learning days, one for frontend, one for backend, so to have one day for each main area of interest.

And for another learning I will take business tasks into the admin day, I didn’t take that serious enough 🤷‍♀️. That’s all for today, see you tomorrow!