Revisiting the Morning Routine

06:57:28 Good Morning! Since my little pause I want to try to make this 10 minutes part of my morning routine and feel useful right after getting up. And I

can tell you, it won’t be easy for the first days.

The hardest part is getting out of bed for the first 21 times when you are trying to develop a habit of getting up and start with your routine right away. I prepare a little bit in the evening to take as many pitfalls away as possible. For example I write a note about what I want to write about. So I am neglecting the choice what to work on and have more energy to concentrate on the writing itself in the morning.

So how does my actual morning routine look like? Honestly, I am just starting out… The first thing I do is make a coffee and then take some creatine. After that I am sitting down and start to write. I am thinking about of putting a few minutes of workout in between to higher the serotonin production to make my brain work even better. To not get distracted right away I have my notebook disconnected from anything, so that I won’t get distracted before getting my writing done. If I got up early enough I read one to two articles on my pocket reading list.

That’s actually it, after this I shower and get to work. 🤷‍♂️ See you tomorrow! 👋

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