Schroedingers Monday

Actually I like Mondays. The week is still open and everything can happen. But sometimes, especially when working in technology, you have this feeling “Am I fucked, or is everything ok”. Let’s call this Schroedingers Monday.

This feeling comes with no reason most of the time. Your servers are monitored somebody is on call anyway, there wasn’t any special deployment the week before. But you still have this feeling, when you are arriving at work everybody is running around like chicken and yelling at you to grab a fire extinguisher and rescue some servers or so. Just drawing in my head here 🤷‍♂️.

Now, as I am more a developer than a sysadmin, I haven’t this feeling that often, but when I get it, I still could freak out. But there is a simple step of solving it. Just check it, go online, check your website, platform, whatever and confirm that everything is ok, take a quick look into your monitoring or the load of your servers. I know, you might say, no I don’t want to work in my spare time, but it’s more releasing than waking up and feeling like you could get hit with a shovel every second.

Enough with that 😉 I didn’t make any progress with the theme coding yesterday, instead I refined it and also made some social media templates. I only had 15 minutes of coding time yesterday. So I didn’t start the DEVLOG project. Today is gym time. Let’s see what happens after it. See you tomorrow!