Screen Chaos equals Mental Chaos

Today I needed to fix some serious issues on our platform. Some automatic jobs screwed up data.

Therefore I needed to look into different data dumps, databases, scripts and frontends. My screen became totally messy and after I fixed all the issues, I recognized my brain is as cluttered as my screen in that moment.

On a normal day I put up my MacBook into it’s docking station, which is connected to two large monitors. On the built in screen I have everything for communication, like email, franz and my phone, in the middle I have my IDE, another editor and the tools I mainly work with and on the left monitor I always put reference material, like my web browser, documentation from Dash or a database GUI like Postico.

As I needed that much input today, every monitor was filled up with terminals, sshed into the database servers, the backup server, the application server and so on.

One thing I do on my Mac to keep stuff organized is to heavily rely on workspaces, so everything is fullscreen. I don’t get distracted so easy, because one window cannot simply overlay another and as long I don’t need it it’s on another workspace and doesn’t blink into my eye. Another thing is DND (Do Not Disturb), as on my phone I have almost every notification turned of, except from things like Todoist, where I have set myself reminders for several tasks.

In the evening I will probably work on finishing the Node course, see you tomorrow friendos! 👋

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