I am sitting down at least one hour every day  to write. Most of the time, I start with journaling.

This helps me to warm up my fingers for writing, but also to get things of my chest onto paper. It helps me to empty my mind.

These minutes, sometimes also a full hour, are mine.

This is called self-care.

Self-care receives a lot of hype, but most still get it wrong. Self-care is there to listen to yourself, to think, to reflect, to heal, to recharge.

Self-care or time for yourself has nothing to do with binge-watching Netflix or drinking alcohol alone or mindlessly shopping online and telling you deserve more stuff.

That's called consumerism and has nothing to do with self-care.

Sit there in silence and solitude, reflect, write down your thoughts, meditate, or ever just breathe. That's self-care. Without a goal.

Daniel Hauck

Daniel Hauck

Passionate about writing, minimalism and leadership.
in the forest, near Stuttgart