Self-Improvement Is Not The Answer

I would call myself a self-improvement nerd. I like to try different things, challenge myself, play around with routines, sharpen my tools...

This blog is an outcome of that. I want to share my progress and also my knowledge about how you could also improve parts or areas of your life.

But one thing you should not forget; Why do you want to improve yourself?

Don't Improve Your Self-Improvement

I could talk about the setup of my productivity systems all day. Ask my girlfriend how often I speak to her about changing something there.

I also love reading books on that topic.

I love building routines and testing how my body and brain react to different nutrition or schedules.

Even that I love trying this, it's all part of a bigger system. And this system is called life. That includes my time, my career, my relationships.

So, this can only be a part of that. Self-improvement is not a job.

Use Your Tools — Not Only Sharpen Them

Imagine you are a craftsman. You have your toolbox there. The toolbox plus your hands and some creativity have infinite possibilities to build great things. Be it a car, be it furniture, that's entirely up to you.

Having all that is nothing without action. And you won't get good at anything if you are theorizing about what is the right way.

Sure, it is also necessary to sometimes sharpen your tools or learn new techniques. It may be required to take a step back and double down on some topics. And that time you have to find and use it.

Imagine a craftsman that is always just perfecting his technique and only sharpening his tools. That's a waste of time.


I have started this blog because I really like to experiment, and I have a deep belief that you can have a more comfortable and way more satisfying life if you are questioning the default.

But on the other hand, you also need to apply what you learned. Personally, I think I overdid it a bit as well and maybe sometimes lost focus when nerding out about perfecting my workflow, without too much outcome. You don't want to be that guy that is always talking about how it should be done that no one ever saw getting something done.

Make appointments with yourself to improve certain things. Depending on your current situation, that may be an evening a week, a day a month, a weekend. Whatever fits your schedule...

The majority of your time needs to be invested in achieving your goal, not into the tools that you may need or not when you reach it.

Daniel Hauck

Daniel Hauck