Sharing is Caring

In most teams there are people with different specialities. One is better in frontend, one is better in backend and somebody else knows better how to handle databases. Well, that’s a good thing. You can learn from each other. If you are willing to share and admit what you don’t know.

Actually everything is said in the first paragraph, so I could stop here 😉 But let’s dive in a bit.

The problem I often see is, people are afraid to share their knowledge, because they think they make themselves obsolete. When you are the best Javascript developer and teach everybody else on the team about the new cool ES6 features, you are easily replaceable and could lose your job. Well that’s bullshit.

In the moment you prepare to share something or teach someone, you notice things you didn’t know. At least that happens to me all the time. Especially in tech, you shouldn’t stick with your knowledge. Remember flash? Sure you do. The best flash developers are unemployable today, if they wouldn’t have advanced in other topics.

And on the counterpart, if you admit, that you don’t know everything, you will learn so much new stuff and go through the world which your eyes wide open and encounter cool new things, that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

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