Show Up Every Day

I am sitting on flight to Amsterdam, with a stopover in Vienna, relaxed and ready to write. Now that I got all of that time consuming stuff behind me, I am ready for new endeavors in my life.

This article is in my head for quite some time now, but because I didn’t get that one last thing done, I held it back. Last Friday I was at the tattoo shop and guess what made it to my skin? Right, show up every day. It’s not like that I already got like 20 tattoos, it’s my first one and it sits on my left forearm. Let me explain you, what that few words mean.

Words To Live By

These four little words have an enormous meaning to me and my everyday life. For me sayings like work harder or the more advanced version work smarter, not harder don’t make sense.

You can definitely achieve something by just working harder than every one else around you.

You can outwork people, yeah, I get it, that’s possible. But that’s not what I am aiming for. I am aiming for getting up everyday, doing something great every day, improving up on yourself everyday, learning something new every day, doing something good every day, showing up every day.

Of course there are good and bad days, I am aware of that, but by showing up every day and doing the best I can in the situation I am in, I make sure, that I am staying on the right path and improving every day.

A Commitment

Showing up every day and basically doing the best I can is a commitment to myself. It’s like a contract with myself, that there is no chance, that I will waste a single day, a single hour, a minute. I want to enjoy every minute, every second of my life and live it to the fullest.

Just as a quick note. I am not insane, maybe a little. But taking time off to recharge and relax is not wasted time.

Why A Tattoo?

That question I can answer very quickly. It’s positioned on my forearm, so I can see it and ready every time I look at my arm. I read this like 200 times a day and I cannot ignore it.

And to have it even more personal, it’s not done in any fancy font, it’s my dirty hand writing. It’s like mentioned above a contract with myself and therefore I engraved it into my body.

I know that this will stay there forever, I will die with this tattoo on my arm, except a shark bites it off one day, or a maniac with a chainsaw, who know. And I am happy to know, that this sentence will stay with me, for the rest of my life and always remember to do the best I can.