Someday - The Day that will never come

How often you told yourself Some day I will be this or Some day I will do that?

Let me tell you, that magical Some day will never come unless you don‘t start taking action.

You will die – that‘s for sure

If you lost loved ones, or heard of people dying, young and old, there is one thing that almost everybody is saying; we still had so many plans.

That‘s sad and it sucks. So many people die, with all of their plans and wishes in their head. Either they are afraid of telling their wishes to anyone, or they have been to lazy to put in the hours necessary.

I am not drawing a line here between work and private life. Who doesn’t want to have great vacations or a well paid job? I want, I definitely want. But also I don’t want to deprive myself all of the year to have one great vacation.

Life happens now

It happens every day, you are getting up every morning and dreaming about what you could do? Do it. Ok, don’t get unethical or criminal here. Maybe tomorrow you cannot do it anymore. Maybe the chance is gone.

Hey, I am not telling you to get up in the morning and start your day with a bottle of wine on a work day because you feel like it. You still need to stay on track and work on yourself.

If you are saving all of your money for the time you are in pension you are nearly to old to enjoy it. It’s math here again. You are trading a 40 or 50 year working life versus 20 years of being to old to enjoy the wealth you created.

I want to live a great life today and not some day.

Still I keep working on myself and trying to improve every day.

But while doing that, I am still having a great time and don’t take life too serious.

Take Action

If you want to do something in life, write it down. Make it a priority. Otherwise it won’t ever happen.

It may sound kitschy, but I have a board, where everything that I want to achieve in life is written down. And actually it’s going well ticking the things off. Vacations, career, health, material things, … Everything is listed there.

And I keep revisiting that board and adding to it or adjusting because interests change.

It can be over so quickly and you don’t want to be that guy or gal, which loved ones say “But he had so many plans…”.

Take action before it’s to late and you regret that you didn’t do all those things on your bucket list.