Speeding Up by Slowing Down

21:36:27 – The past weeks have been hard for my brain. I got a lot of things down, but also a lot of things like Codalong haven’t gotten much attention. That’s usually the time, when I try to slow down. Let me explain…

I am very curious about productivity if you haven’t recognized it yet. I am trying to improve all the time. Getting things done faster, more efficient. But just working faster, typing faster and cutting off other things isn’t making you anymore productive, it will just cause you to burn out after some time. For some earlier, for some later.

Sometimes getting more done, means slowing down. And that’s what I am doing right now. I take way more time than usual, to make plans and to reflect. After writing this 10 minutes, I will sit down and review my last week and plan the next week. This happens first totally analog in a notebook and after finishing it, I will write it down into my task manager and give reminders and schedule the stuff.

This seams to be the double amount of work, doing it twice. And yes, maybe it is. But just focusing on your notebook let’s you really focus on what is important and not urgent. I could also use the sprint view in Jira or the upcoming view in Things, but that would spam my brain with too much things that are urgent and not important. And I enjoy these minutes of just doing this, instead of dragging around tasks.

That’s it for today, see you tomorrow! 👋

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