Start again –

Ok, so now we have this website that I don’t like anymore. Both design and content. I like the productivity stuff and all the new stuff, but the blog has too much history for me. So let’s do something about it. Let’s start over.

The content

After coding and doing sysadmin stuff I have another huge area of interest and that’s productivity and getting shit done. All in combination with digital gadgets like computers and phone. And that’s basically it. The blog will be dedicated to how to be productive as hell with the help of technology, and also without.

I am already working on new stuff, but I want to put the whole blog down and only import the stuff that I like. So sorry guys, there will some time without blog posts 🤷‍♂️.

The design

I am a very routined developer, in python and also in php, but am definitely not a huge frontend and design guy. So I watched a few videos design, read a book on design, read another ton of blogs and started designing the new theme for and here it is:

It’s not total ready now, but it does it’s job, — ok my girlfriend just came in and didn’t like it too much 🤷‍♀️ but for now, it’s ok. I also don’t like to fancy designs, so it should focus on the content.

The code

For starting the theme I am thinking about giving CSS Grid a try. Wes Bos just launched a free course on that. Let’s see if I can get some hours to work on it.

Otherwise I will be using Understrap. Which is a fork of the underscore starter theme for WordPress with Bootstrap 4, Sass and all the stuff you would need to set up.

I will do a video, when I’ve decided on the technology and maybe also have the first prototype ready.

What else?

I have tried to make a graphic today, for a simple rule that:

If you like it, you can use it anywhere you want 😉

See you next time