State of Minimalism 12/2018

To give this blog a little background on my minimalism journey, I will try my best to get you up to speed.

What happened till now?

I have always had this feeling of being overwhelmed, but I couldn’t tell you what was wrong. My life was good, sure I had same issues, but who hasn’t. But I just was annoyed all the time.

There is no On that day I knew I had to change, I had several moments that showed me, I am owned by my stuff.

For example when I moved out of my apartment and had dozens of boxes with stuff I didn’t even knew about. Or when I wanted to re-arrange my office and noticed there is so much shit in my drawers that I could barely move them. Or when I wanted to fly to Greece and noticed my backpack was that full, I needed tons of time to go through security and didn’t touch a thing through my vacation.

All in all, I owned too much freaking things, or better said, my things owned me. This had to change.

How it all started

I started with researching about first steps that I could do. About minimalism at all and encountered several interesting blogs, like Anthony Ontaros Break the Twitch, Matt D’Avellas YouTube Channel or Josh and Ryan from The Minimalists.

I looked for first steps and started with decluttering. I got a shredder and trash bags.

I gave away tons of stuff for free. Probably stuff worth a few thousand euros. Bags, electronics, books. I also throw tons of stuff into the trash. Each week I took out 60 liter trash bags.

In other areas like clothes I also downsized. I gave a lot of things to charity, I threw 6 pairs of shoes that I had just in case into the trash.

They day after

As you can imagine, throwing all that stuff away isn’t too easy. I mean, that thousand things cost tons of money. And I also got rid of memories; for example tickets from trips of the past or photographies from the childhood.

Also I recognized a feeling of Did I throw away too much?

And this feeling will stay for some time, but the positive feelings will overtake this. And you also don’t have to get just rid of everything. A lot of my memories live in my journal now, they are digitized. They don‘t get in my way and the don‘t have to stay in dust in any drawer. If I ever want to visit that special day, I can just check my journal. So if you want to get rid of something, but want to keep that memory, just take a photograph of it and put it in some journaling or note taking software that keeps it safe for you.

What‘s next

Now I only have told you, what I did get rid off. But not what I still need to do.

The next steps for me are, getting my digital life into order. Currently I have at least 3 mail accounts that are a total mess. My MacBook needs 8 GB of RAM just after starting up, because of all the apps that are loaded. I got lots of SD cards and external hard drives, that all carry tons of photos and videos that I will never take a look at.

So expect a long series about digital minimalism.

Also for the rest, I had a good start, but there is still a lot left and …

There is still a way to go

I have come a path, but I want stop here. Each thing that has gone, has showed me, that less can be more. And that less stuff, means less confusion and less brain power put into clutter.

If you have any special questions on how I achieved what, or what thing I am currently working on, feel free to ask in the comments.

See you in the next post.