Staying connected

20:39:03 – yey I am ealry today, but my hands are freezing a bit, so I won’t be getting out that many words today as I’d like to.

I am on a 30 minute commute right now because I met a former coworker today, which switched the company, but we try to meet every few months. We drink some beer together and have a good time.

By the title you probably thought about something job relevant, like being always reachable for someone. But it’s like the other tone of the title says; STAYING CONNECTED.

Have you ever had that one school friend, you thought he would be with you for the rest of your life? I bet so, I had a few of them I thought I would know at the time I marry and have kids. But the reality is far away from that.

Interests change and that is also a natural thing and a good thing, or do you like that you that you have been ten years ago? And that’s why we drift away. You change over time, and that school friend that you have, that is interested in repairing motors and cars won’t fit your interests and maybe even not your location today. That’s all OK. Natural progression.

I don’t have many good friends, and I don’t believe you need tons around you either. I have a few good ones, we I need them they are there. But it’s very important to keep these relationships up and running (as you should do with your servers 🤔). As I grow up and older (haha, with 25) I more and more realize which kind of people are important.

Ok, so that’s it for today. Do you have some best friends from school or even kindergarden? Tell me! And see you tomorrow! 👋

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