Stickers or Go Clean

Good morning Friendos!

Yesterday I put another stick on my laptop and then I asked myself; WHY? So, why we put stickers on our laptops? To show off? To identify with brands and technology? To be individual?

Since I own laptops, they didn’t really stay clean for a long time. My MacBook susatained clean for like a half year, when I put the first sticker on, it was the Django sticker. And why? Simply because I love the Django framework. The next one was probably Tmux or Github, for the same reason, I love the tools or the idea behind the tools. In my case it’s love or respect for a product / tool or the cause behind it.

The next valid reason for me is fun, I have this sticker that says “Weeks of programming can save you hours of planning” and maybe it’s there to make fun of a few people I’ve worked with in the past.

Showing off was never a valid reason for me, to put stickers on my laptop. I don’t wear expensive clothes, so neither I care about putting expensive brands on my laptop.

A cool thing I recognized is to get in touch with other people, that have the same interest. If you see someone with a Ansible sticker, and you love it to, it’s way easier to connect, because you already know, that he likes it (Be careful here, some people just put about every sticker they could get on their laptop, just to have something on it).

10 minutes are over 😉 see you tomorrow guys!