Stop putting it off

08:12:27 – Uh, I woke up at 07:44 today, which is quite late. We picked up her parents and gave them a lift from the main station home. That resulted in sleeping at 2 AM. So that little extra sleep worked well for me 👍.

Today’s topic is; PUTTING IT OFF. I am huge in putting things off, especially when I don’t like it. For example analog stuff, like letters, why people keep using them 🤦‍♂️. As I don’t use much paper, I don’t have stamps laying around, neither an envelope… So don’t send me letters, send me mails, or instant messages, easy as that 👍 Except you want to wait 6 weeks getting back an answer.

And that’s why we put things off, in most cases, we have an uncomfortable feeling about it. It requires some parts we do not like or we are uncomfortable doing. My advice here is; to break down the task in as many little parts as possible and isolate the daunting task, that you don’t like. And what to do with it? Put it as the first task on tomorrows todo list.

By getting rid of this task, as the first thing of the day, you will free your mind for the rest of the day, easy as that 🤷‍♀️.

A bit a short writing, but I like it, see you tomorrow! 👋

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