Sunny day and a lot of input

23:03:59 Today was a sunny day, again, luckily. So we went to some Spring Festival or how it could be called near us.

Of course I got a little burned by the sun, which is quite normal, when you are white as hell 🤨. But not too bad.

After that we relaxed a little bit and at 8 PM we went to the gym. While warming up I like to read. So I first made a quick phone call and than read some pages in my current book.

The more exciting part came later, while lifting weights. I listened to the New Work Podcast by Christoph Magnussen and Micheal Trautmann, which is awesome by the way. Different founder and CEOs of either small or big players are interviewed there. This time it was with one of the founders of Sipgate, a cloud voip solution.

I am not much into phone solutions, but the podcast shouldn’t be about that anyway. It was about, how they work and how the grow and damn, their processes and values sound amazing to me.

One interesting thing is their hiring process, which is called peer recruiting. The boss doesn’t take a look at applications, a group of employees does. They hire their own team members, but are also responsible for firing them, if it doesn’t work out.

This concept needs a huge amount of trust from the management to the employees. And that’s what makes companies work in my opinion. Companies where the management think micro management works, will fail, sooner or later. If you don’t trust your employees, you don’t need to run a company.

That’s it for today! See you tomorrow!

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