Tell people about it

This evening I will have some friends over. The will stay after 12 o clock, as usual. This nights are always great, but also cost time. I want be able to take my usual time to write, as I would somewhere around 11 PM. Or will I?

That’s todays topic. Whenever you are trying to reach a certain goal, tell people about it.

The simple way

It doesn’t matter which goal it is. Make someone around you aware of it. It’s as simple as, telling your spouse, you are writing for 10 minutes everday. If she’s supportive, she will ask you every evening, if you got your ass down for ten minutes to write.

By telling some people near you, that you are going to write every day, you will feel more responsible to do it, than when you commit privately, without telling everybody else.

It’s simple; if you blog your writings, like I do, it’s easy to observe.

Go all in

Get an accountability buddy. It could also be your spouse, your best friend, some family member or everyone else. Someone that has some similar goals like yours, and can relate to your position. Be sure to check his promises also.

It doesn’t mean, you both have to do the same. But everybody has to make sure, the other one, is doing his job. You could also create some penalties, if someone misses his shot.

Use Tech

To end today’s writing, I want to give you some tech advice. There are tons of apps out there, for habit tracking and so on. For example, Habitica even provides support for multiple users; so feel free to check it out 😉

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