The Developer Dilemma

Argh, I am late!!!! 🤦‍♂️

But it totally fits to todays topic, because I thought about this before going to bed, causing me to staying awake and getting up to late and so on. And it’s a dilemma, I think most of developers and other people in tech have.

I bet you know this kind of situation: You want to build something new, a little application. But at the same time you are learning a new technique / framework / whatever / you name it. You think about, hey I could use that new stuff in my upcoming project, but therefore I have to schedule it, to a later time, because I need to finish learning enough about the new golden grale of software development. Time goes by, and you don’t work on your new project, neither learn more about the new stuff. That’s what I call the curious developers dilemma.

Last week I ran into this. If you follow this 10 minute posting series, you probably have seen my new design for this blog On the weekend I finished the sketch design, also on Saturday I started with Wes Bos course on CSS grid and thought, hey let’s do it with grid instead of using the BS4 grid. Today we got Wednesday, and guess what, NOTHING happened. I haven’t finished the WordPress theme, plus I haven’t finished that CSS grid course. In bootstrap I would probably have finished like on Sunday evening, but with the learning curve of CSS grid, it takes me at least double the time. I could talk longer about that issue, but what I am going to do about this?

Ok team, plan: I finish the video course today, and write a plain dummy html site, that looks a bit like my design. And tomorrow I will start with the real theme. And also DEVLOG #1, I promise, really 💪. See you then!