The first sunny day to enjoy

22:58:22 Late again. Today was the first sunny day we could enjoy.

The first task of the day was to get a new armchair for my girlfriend from IKEA. She wanted it since we got together last year and finally we bought it. Maybe I can’t get her out of it ever 🤔. Sometimes IKEA products are really easy to build, like the Alex drawers, which I got in my office. BUT SOMETIMES you could just punch them in the face for making the assembly so stupid, that you need an hour building a simple armchair.

After that we went to the city, so we took a walk and first eat some ice cream, delicious as fuck.

I can’t tell you what an impact the sun has on my mood. I am mostly motivated to get shit done, but damn, when the sun comes out, I can productive over 200 percent or even more.

Last year when we became a couple, we very often eat salads at Hans im Glück which is a burger bar. The salad is amazing, the burgers are, yeah, ehm average. We nearly daily eat there, which was quite expensive, but better than cooking in the dirty kitchen of the flat share she lived in 🤷‍♀️. So it was a nice throwback 😘.

So we took a few drinks and went home to let the day end on the balcony. And that’s it for today, see you tomorrow 👋

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