The importance of tone

23:09:37, late again…

Today I had to teach someone about tone. And it made me think about it again. You cannot say or act without giving it a tone, it’s just not possible.

It’s like that in real conversations, in emails, in instant messaging. Ever wondered about the brain dead guy you are messaging with, doesn’t use emojis? He’s not brain dead, he probably just don’t even know what emojis are and thinks you felt on your keyboard when he receives a ;P.

Also in real life. Pay attention on the tone of others, but also what you want to try to accomplish when talking to others. When you want to be respected and be considered professional, you just cannot swear all the time or tell the people you’ll take care of it after coming back from dumping something in the toilet, that’s not how it works. Take some time and reflect yourself, you cannot always be the buddy of everyone.

For me personally I like a uncomplicated style of working together, I am always honest and I want employees and coworkers to be honest with me. But you also need to be ready, to bring the thunder when it’s necessary, although it isn’t needed that much 😉

Do you act different at work than in private life? I try to not have a big gap, otherwise you are only trying to be an actor, which won’t work too long.

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