The note

22:45:29 – Good evening ladies and gentleman. Today I want to talk with you about a very important concept of mine.

A while ago I have written about neglecting choice. Neglecting choice can help you focusing on the things you really want to accomplish. Today I want to give you an easy recipe, on how you can implement it in a very basic step.

The only thing is a pen and a piece of paper or paper cards or something like this. Right below my monitor I have a staple of paper cards and each day when I have a few calm minutes I write down the most important thing for the next day on which I want to work on.

When I leave my desk I put it in front of my monitor. And now the magic happens; When I come back to my desk the next day, the first thing I see is this single note, even before the notebook or tablet is turned out. Before everything else starts I know exactly what I have to do.

So I am totally neglecting any choice. This is first thing I have to do. Before checking email, before checking my task manager, before doing anything else.

This method removes any clutter from me in the morning and it is simple as hell.

That’s it! See you tomorrow! 👋

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