The Routines that Drive my Day

Yesterday we talked a bit about planning your day, but I totally let out a major part, that helps me every day; routines.

When I started to think more about productivity and a meaningful life, I also read a lot about creating routines. Fixed procedures in a fixed timeline that should help you to start or finish your day.

Personally I got two of them, morning and evening. I really try to stick to them every single day, even when I am traveling. In the following post I will tell you what routines are there in my daily schedule and also why I am doing certain things.

I will start with the evening routine, because that actually prepares me for a successful day. And also for me personally, that’s the more important part.

Evening Routine

Every night before I am going to bed, I will do a few things.

  • Grab a shirt, a pair of socks and some underwear and put it to the bathroom
  • Put 40 gram of beans into the coffee grinder, fill up the heater with about 1 liter of water, and put a filter on top of the Chemex and put this on the scale
  • Answer two questions in my journal
  • Take a look into my calendar, to see my schedule for the next day
  • Plan out my day in my notebook (I switched back from the digital method)

The first two points are explained easily, but are also the most important parts of the routine; I am preparing the next morning so I don’t need to think about what I am doing when I am waking up. This may sound like a minor thing to you. But for me it’s relaxing to know that I only have to press a few buttons in the morning and my coffee is ready. Or that I will go to the bathroom and I don’t have to decide what I will wear (even that I am wearing the same things every day). This makes fall asleep way faster.

The next point is basically to remember what was good about the day and where I could do better or what I learned that certain day.

Last but not least the planning and forecasting part. As I told you yesterday, I hate suprises, I like to know what’s coming towards me. So I take a quick look into my calendar and start my daily planning, on which you can find details in yesterdays post.

Morning Routine

My morning routine is way easier and less complicated, because my only goals here are to have a relaxed and uncomplicated morning and get out of the house. This includes:

  • Brewing fresh coffee
  • Taking a shower
  • Take a quick breakfast

If you read a little bit in this blog, you should have noticed I am a lot into coffee. If not, now you know it. Preparing this coffee is a slow act that I like to do in the morning. It sets a good mood for the day. If I am late or really don’t have time, I am also skipping the coffee part, because this is something that should slow me down.

Come on, I really don’t need to explain why I am taking a shower. I want to start they day fresh and it makes me slightly more awake. And after the shower the coffee also has a nice drinking temperature.

I need to eat and drink a lot of water in the morning. Otherwise my brain won’t work in a normal manner. Half a liter of water, two eggs and a piece of some bread. That’s my simple breakfast and works every day.